John Atkin is the world famous “The Ukulele Teacher”. Getting on for 800,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel he is by far the biggest ukulele channel on the internet! Also find John on Instagram –  @uketeacher and The Ukulele Teacher on Facebook.

See the videos below to see what The Ukulele Teacher is doing with the Junkyard Ukulele.

The Ukulele he’s playing is Old Number 2. Only the second Junkyard Ukulele ever made !

All our Ukuleles are acoustic and electric.

Play them like a normal ukulele or plug them into a guitar amp and play around until you get a sound that suits. They are unique, there is now a whole new world of Ukulele sound to explore!






The Junkyard UKE



Coming soon!

Ukulele Ray is a world renowned entertainer, comedian, singer/songwriter, recording artist, inventor and UKULELE player from San Diego, California.

He will be playing the JunkYard UKE very soon! watch this space!