Photo of KeithAn Englishman living in Spain, I loved the Ukulele so much I wanted to build my own.

I have an engineering background and I thought to myself, “I can’t beat what’s been done with the Ukulele. It’s been made by craftsmen for 100 years. So… What can I do?”

“Can I reinvent it..? Not really, because if it’s a Ukulele it has to be a Ukulele!”

“So… Can I reinvent the way it’s made, make it look different, make it so it sounds like a Ukulele, but also make it electric, so it can be made to sound very different too? Keep it so it is definitely a Ukulele..?”

The answer was, “YES“!

The first Junkyard Ukulele was made using old parts and junk that I found around the place, and that’s how it got its name!

Following the first Ukulele was the Junkyard UKE, then came the LIL UKULELE.

The UKE is a headless and reverse strung Ukulele that really does break with tradition. I threw the rule book away with The UKE, and I came up with what has been called a design classic, and a new contribution to the Ukulele World!

Now ALL Junkyard Ukuleles are built from brand new parts using Aquila strings, but still staying with the original design.

Every one of our Junkyard Ukuleles will be signed and numbered.

A new brand of Ukulele.

Thanks for visiting,

Keith Smalley.

P.S. See below the very first two videos I made of the original Junkyard Ukulele prototype! This is what started it all.