Standard C tuning, Soprano strings.

All our Ukuleles are constructed from brand new quality parts by hand.

The body and sound box are metal. The neck is wood.

The strings are quality – made by AQUILA of Italy.

Yes, every single one is different and unique.

Because of the paint ageing process we can’t make two exactly identical and we don’t want to.

All are signed, numbered and dated.

You can order your Ukulele in just about any colour and with your own design! Logo, Name etc. We can use your own design (quite simple – one colour) or design something for you and only make it once you have approved it.

The sound hole (mouth) can also be customised.

There may be additional costs, depending on the level of customisation.

Please contact us to confirm.

At this time, around two weeks after order it’ll be in the post on its way to its new owner!

Yes!  For a limited time only mention @UKETEACHER in your enquiry to claim your 10% discount!

For a limited time all our Ukuleles have FREE worldwide delivery!

The standard design is a Black Ukulele with White Junkyard Ukulele or UKE logo.

The slogan, “It’s a Smile Different” can be kept or removed.

You choose.

The Standard design for the “UKULELE” model has a round sound hole.

Old number 5 Ukulele
Standard sound hole

You can order this model with a special sound hole shown in the photo of the Black Ukulele for an extra €50* (EUR).

Old number 2 Ukulele
Special sound hole

There is no sound difference between the different sound holes, it’s purely in the design for looks.

*Prices may change – please contact us to confirm.

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